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Joy to the Burg 2022

Central Pennsylvania artists are back! With an all new collection of Christmas music, curated by the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame. 33 Songs. 33 Performers. 9 returning performers and 24 all new artists! 18 original songs! There is something for everyone on Joy to the Burg 2022. 

Album available as:

  1. A 33 song digital download with electronic album artwork OR

  2. A physical set which includes

    • Printed album cover with digital download code (great for gift giving or collectors!) AND

    • 5x7 Collectible Performer Print--"Santa Shea"--featuring Joy to the Burg artist Shea Quinn, first is a series of Joy to the Burg Collectible Performer Prints.

All digital downloads include liner notes booklet.

Joy to the Burg 2022 Track List

Shea Quinn 5x7.jpg

5x7 Collectible Performer Print--"Santa Shea"--Shea Quinn has supported Joy to the Burg since day one. Retail packages of Joy to the Burg 2022 include this collectible print, first in a series of Joy to the Burg Collectible Performer Prints.

New Year, New Vision

After the 2021 Christmas season, Joy to the Burg was at a crossroads. Our founder Sheldon Jones determined it was time to take a step back from day-to-day leadership, and we wrestled with how to keep the project meaningful and relevant. We’re so grateful that Doug Wilburne of the fan favorite band No Last Call agreed to step into the Joy to the Burg chair role for 2022. After some early discussions between Doug, CCU leadership, our ELF (Executive Leadership Forum) members, and a few others, we launched Joy to the Burg 2022 with a vision to:

  1. Adapt to changing times in the music industry and move away from producing a physical CD toward a focus on streaming and downloads.

  2. Expand Joy to the Burg beyond the music community to include the visual arts community.

Two partners were integral to making this vision a reality. First, Brandon Valentine, founder and president of the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame (CPMHOF) joined our leadership team. This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization not only provides youth music education, but also recognizes, supports, and grows our local music scene. Brandon and the CPMHOF led our 2022 music curation effort by chairing our Music/Video Committee. The CPMHOF was instrumental in managing this year’s changes to our compilation album. They helped us achieve our goal of pushing sales to online only. They handled the booking for both of our 12/11/2022 LIVE shows at The Englewood. Lastly, Brandon and the CPMHOF were able to add a wide variety of new artists/genres to the project.

Secondly, Doug met with Alice Anne Schwab, the Executive Director of the Susquehanna Art Museum (SAM) to process his vision to include the visual arts. And idea was born: solicit artwork from local artists for a collection of holiday greeting cards. Alice Anne and SAM came on board as our artwork curation partner, with Alice Anne chairing our Greeting Card Committee.

We couldn’t have concocted more perfect partnerships—with two non-profits focused on helping people through the arts joining with CCU to make tangible help to those on the street a reality. At CCU, we can’t thank Brandon Valentine and Alice Anne Schwab, and their respective organizations, enough for their efforts. All of this meant Doug, supposedly retired, now had what seemed like a full time job managing and contributing to all aspects of the project including sponsor raising, promotions, logistics, and retail efforts. Thank you, Doug!


Many More Thanks

Doug, Alice Anne, and Brandon weren’t the only community members to step into new leadership roles in 2022! Bob Geiger chaired our sponsorship committee which also included Doug, Deb Donahue, Bub Manning, Ted Reese and Steve Schwartz. Tania Srouji chaired our Promotions Committee with members Lori Lynn Lydell, Andrea Britton, Doug, Steve, and our uber Messiah University marketing and social media intern Emma Kalmbacher. Deb Donahue worked with Doug and a slew of other volunteers to head up our retail efforts. In addition to curating artwork for local artists, Alice Anne figured out the design and packaging with support from Doug and Steve. And Brandon was joined in Music and Video curation by a committee including John Scarpato, Joe Trojcak, Jerry Kambic, Bob Geiger, Mack Granderson and Doug and Steve.

So many people stepped up in big ways this year to make this project possible. We can’t possibly thank everyone by name, but in addition to those mentioned above, we want to thank the artists for blessing us with their talents and creativity. The range of talent in Central Pennsylvania wows us each year. This year 33 artists contributed an interesting and genre busting collection of music with something for everyone.

Our sponsors underwrote the costs of music, artwork and concert production and promotion so that every dollar from album, greeting card and concert ticket sales goes to the homelessness programs of CCU. A special thanks to our Presenting Sponsors UPMC of Central PA and UPMC Health Plan for helping us provide even more support to the homeless. No Christmas project can happen without elves, and our ELF Council (Executive Leadership Forum) consisted of Doug Wilburne, Chair, Alice Anne Schwab, Brandon Valentine, Bob Geiger, Deb Donahue, Tania Srouji, Sara Bozich, Rev. Mack Granderson, Glenn Hamilton, John Dame, Dave LaTorre, Rev. Deb Port, Dave Lehman, Lisa Stokes, Chad Barger, Darrel Reinford and Sheldon Jones. Year in and year out this group provides expertise, community leadership and contacts to make the project a success.

Many recording studios and engineers were vital to the audio and video recording processes, and we especially thank Joe Trojcak/Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios, Derek Euston/Green Room, John Scarpato/Grace Berakah, Jerry Kambic/Jerkami Communications, and Nate Kresge and team/GK Visual for their valuable technical efforts. Special thanks to retailers like Karns, Talus Salon, BCR Music, One Good Woman, Community Aid, Cornerstone Coffeehouse, Market Square Bistro, and other retailers and our network of churches who get the album in the hands of the public ensuring funds are raised to help the homeless.

Thank you also to Jeff Sharp and Rick Russell of The Englewood for rallying around the idea of both a music brunch and full concert and the whole team at ABC27 including Robert Bee, Jay Taylor, Debra Pinkerton, Brian Hauf and Danielle Burkett for making our TV special a reality. Others who contributed significantly include Stuart Malina, Andrea Karns of Karns Foods, Shawn Leppo of McNees Wallace Nurick, Beth Bard, John Thompson of True Tunes, and members of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg. Kari Hultman once again blessed us by designing our album artwork and overall branding and Lamar Advertising donated billboards. Brad Gebhart not only contributed a design for our all new greeting cards but also the “Santa Shea” watercolor for our first ever JTTB collectible artist print. Look for more artist collectibles in future years!

And a very special thanks to the street outreach staff and volunteers at Christian Churches United for the tremendous work they do supporting our neighbors on the street and helping so many to obtain housing.


Finally, on a personal note, this album is extra special to me. As a lifetime lover of music, it is an incredible honor to have written a song that is being released on Joy to the Burg 2022. I’m thrilled that when I approached a favorite artist of mine, Grammy award winning songwriter Phil Madeira (who has worked for or with Emmylou Harris, Amy Grant, Keb Mo, Ricky Skaggs, Rich Mullins, The Civil Wars, and many others) with the idea of co-writing a song about someone experiencing homelessness at Christmas that he was enthusiastic about the idea. We sat in his living room in Nashville in July and came away with A Home for the Holidays, gracefully recorded by Peter Rogan for this album. Somebody pinch me. And that is just one song...there are 32 other killer songs on Joy to the Burg 2022. I hope you enjoy. 

- Steve Schwartz of Christian Churches United and Joy to the Burg


As a life-long trumpet player, heading up Joy to the Burg 2022 is a 3-way win for me. Making music and entertaining is intrinsically fun and satisfying. Being able to perform with No Last Call to benefit those less fortunate through Joy to the Burg over the past three years has added a sense of purpose beyond just the entertainment value. So, this year having the opportunity to lead Joy to the Burg to even higher levels and to collaborate with all the musicians, artists, recording specialists and community leaders involved is extremely gratifying and truly a win-win-win. 

- Doug Wilburne, Overall Chair, Joy to the Burg 2022



When Joy to the Burg approached the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame (CPMHOF) about being involved with the project this year, it was a no-brainer. Our mission is “recognizing, supporting, and growing the music scene of Central Pennsylvania!" Joy to the Burg has become a vital project to the local music scene. So two non-profit organizations working together towards a common goal--giving the gift of music this holiday season? JTTB's charity mission to help the homeless was the bow on the present. 


To this year's participating local musicians: thank you for donating your time and talent!  To those who purchase this year's compilation album: thank you for supporting local music!  We hope this album allows you discover a new artist/band and go see one of their upcoming live shows. For more information on the CPMHOF and its efforts, visit

- Brandon Valentine, President & Founder, Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame; Chair, JTTB 2022 Music and Video Curation Committee


The Joy to the Burg collaboration shows what can be accomplished when people come together to share their talents in order to make a difference in their community. We’re so grateful to Sheldon Jones for his vision, for Doug Wilburne’s leadership in 2022, and to all the artists, recording studios, sponsors, churches, volunteers and community leaders involved in continuing to make this collaboration a true community effort.

- Darrel Reinford, Executive Director of CCU


1. Christmas All Over Again by The Jellybricks (feat. Glenn Hamilton)

Written by Tom Petty

Recorded September 18, 2022 at The Green Room Recording Studio, Harrisburg, PA (Derek Euston, Engineer)

Larry Kennedy: Guitars, Keys, Background Vocals

Bryce Connor: Guitars, Background Vocals

Garrick Chow: Bass, Keys, Background Vocals

Tommy Kristich: Drums, Background Vocals

Glenn Hamilton: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal

Emmalee Shirley: Percussion, Background Vocals


2. Heatmiser by The Badlees

Written by Maury Laws and Jules Bass

Pete Palladino: Vocals, Tambourine

Bret Alexander: Guitar, Background Vocals

Jeff Feltenberger: Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals

Paul Smith: Bass, Background Vocals

Ron Simasek: Drums


3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Tony Wayne (feat. Los Monstros)

Arranged by Anthony "Tony Wayne" Pieruccini

Anthony "Tony Wayne" Pieruccini: Guitars

Nate Petley: Piano

Jeremy Blouch: Bass

Kile of Los Monstros: Percussion


4. What Child Is This? By Dave Gates

Written by William Chatterton Dix

Recorded September 13, 2022 at Studio Nelson, Newville, PA


5. A Home for the Holidays by Peter Rogan

Written by Philip Madeira and Steven Schwartz 7/2/2022 in Nashville, TN

Recorded at Boom Camp Studio, Reading, PA

Peter Rogan: Guitars and Vocals

Bennie Sims: Bass

Ron Stabinsky: Piano


6. Angel on the Tree by Corina Rose

Written by Corina Aucker

Produced, mixed and mastered by Steven Courtney


7. The Magic Of Us All by Dandy

Written by Jordan and Cory Dandy

Jordan Dandy: Vocals

Cory Dandy: Vocals

Saxophone: Peter Behr

All other instruments by Jordan and Cory Dandy


8. Please Come Home for Christmas by Bob Geiger

Written by Charles Brown

Recorded at Grace Berakah Studio, New Cumberland, PA (John Scarpato, Engineer)

Bob Geiger: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Dylan Madar: Lead Guitar

Dean Vaccher: Bass Guitar

Steve Ellis: Drums

Marty Malinics: Keyboard


9. O Little Town of Bethlehem by Andy Mowatt

Andy Mowatt: Guitar


10. Listen to the Angels by Seasons

Written by Mary-Kate Spring Lee, Peter Winter Lee and Randy Lee

Mary Callaghan: Vocals

Katie Bird: Vocals

Peter Winter Lee: Hammered Dulcimer

Seth Bird: Vocals

Mary-Kate Spring Lee: Harp

Rebekah Callaghan: Violin


11. Let It Snow by The Steve Rudolph Trio

Written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne

Recorded 1998 at Red Rock Studios, Saylorsburg, PA

Matt Wilson: Drums

Paul Langosch: Bass

Steve Rudolph: Piano


12. Christmas is Here by AMMA JO

Written by Amma Johnson

Recorded at The Green Room Recording Studio, Harrisburg, PA (Derek Euston, Engineer)


13. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by No Last Call

Written by Ralph Blane and Hugh Martin

Recorded August 28, 2022 onsite at The Englewood, Hershey, PA by The Green Room Recording Studio Team led by Derek Euston, Engineer

Dave Getz: Alto Sax

Liz Hanson: Alto Sax

Denise Sandell: Alto Sax

Andy Herring: Bari Sax

Ted Conley: Baritone

Jeff Conley: Baritone

Diane DiPaolo: Baritone

Rebecca Wilburne: Bass Drum

Amanda Kunkle: Clarinet

Jeff Trace: Conductor

Ilia Chlaifer: Flugelhorn

Jim Royer: Flugelhorn

Lori Reese: Jembe

Kathy Lubbers: Snare Drum

Jamie Mosher: Soprano Sax

Dave Kunkle: Sousaphone

Patrick Murphy: Sousaphone

Nick Cummings: Tenor Sax

Cody Matthew: Tri Toms

Andy Blaydon: Trombone

Parke Adams: Trumpet

Connie Angus: Trumpet

Matt Bowman: Trumpet

Jim Neidinger: Trumpet, Arranger

Ted Reese: Trumpet

Doug Wilburne: Trumpet

14. O Come, All Ye Faithful by Sam Dunklau w/ Joe Trojcak & the SSBVM Choir

Pipe Organ recorded at Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Vocals recorded and mixing done at Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios, Elizabethtown, PA

Sam Dunklau: Lead Vocal

Joe Trojcak: Pipe Organ

Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church Choir, Middletown, PA: Choir


15. It's Christmas Time by Leap of Faith

Written by Julia Aguirre and Jennifer Lau

Recorded at Grace Berakah Studio, New Cumberland, PA (John Scarpato, Engineer)

Leap of Faith Is:

Al Abruzzese: Guitar

Julie Aguirre: Guitar, Bass, Mandolin

Craig Bricker: Drums

Helen Gallagher Volz: Lead Vocals

Paul Hemann: Bass, Vocals

Janet Setzer: Vocals

John Scarpato: Guitar

Guest Artists on this song:

Marty Malinics: Strings

Ray Wright: Percussion


16. Silent Night by Vicki E. Rogers

Written by Franz Gruber

Recorded April 27, 2022 at Dark Horse Recording

Vicki E. Rogers, Vocals


17. It's Christmas by Greg Platzer

Written by Greg Platzer

Recorded at Gibtone Studios, Mechanicsburg, PA (Michael Giblin, Producer)

Greg Platzer: Guitar, Lead vocals

Michael Giblin: Bass

Logan Bedard: Drums

Amy Simpson: Background Vocals


18. (I’m Spending) Chanukah in Santa Monica by Stuart Malina & the Capital Region All-Stars

Written by Tom Lehrer

Recorded 9/20/2022 at Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios, Elizabethtown, PA (Ryan Frantz, Engineer)

Stuart Malina: Vocals, Piano

Bill Perbetsky: Trumpet

Greg Stichman: Trombone

Andy Herring: Clarinet

Brandon Valentine: Drums

Morgan Stambaugh: Upright Bass


19. Waitin' On You by Lil Brother Band

Written by Robert C. Welsh

Recorded August 2022 at The Green Room Recording Studio, Harrisburg, PA (Derek Euston, Engineer)

Denny Neidich: Drums, Vocals

Lenny Tepsich: Keyboards, Lead Vocal

Richie Ranaglia: Saxes, Vocals

Bob Welsh: Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Derek Euston: Guitars, Keyboard, Vocals


20. Merry Christmas to All by Zac Grace

Written by Rich Fehle and Ken Moulden


21. Evergreen by Leo DiSanto

Written by Leo DiSanto


22. Epiphany by Holly Serio

Written by Holly Serio

Holly Serio: Vocals, Piano


23. The Power of a Child by Keith Randall (feat. Sonya Randall)

Written by Keith Randall

Recorded August 2022 at School House Sound, Annville, PA

Keith Randall: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion

Sonya Randall: Alto Saxophone, Violin


24. Christmas Day by Cheryl Woods

Written by Cheryl Woods

Recorded at The Green Room Recording Studio, Harrisburg, PA (Derek Euston, Engineer)

Cheryl Woods: Vocals Bob Ivory: Keyboards


25. The First Noel by Maria Wilson

Written by Sir John Stainer

Recorded November 2003 at The Camp Recording Studio


26. River/In the Bleak Midwinter by Stereo Glow

Written by Joni Mitchell

Jessica Jellen: Lead and Backing Vocals

Mark Burke: Guitars, Bass, and Keyboards


27. Brown Christmas by Michael Lundy

Written by Michael, John and Rebekah Lundy

Recorded at Airline Studio, Cogan Station, PA

Michael Lundy: All instruments and vocals


28. Glory by Canaan’s Land

Written by Timothy R. Lyne

Recorded August 18, 2022 at The Green Room Recording Studio, Harrisburg, PA (Derek Euston, Engineer)

David Dulaney: Lead vocal, Rhythm Guitar (Martin D28)

Steve Waldon: Tenor vocal, Mandolin (Stelling F5)

Tim Lyne: Baritone vocal, Fingerstyle Guitar (Martin D28 slot head)


29. Mary, Did You Know? by Greater Harrisburg Chorus, Sweet Adelines Int’l

Words by Mark Lowry; Music by Buddy Greene; Arranged by Joe Liles

The Greater Harrisburg Chorus, Sweet Adelines Int’l is directed by Claire Domenick

30. Let the Stable Still Astonish by Susquehanna Chorale

Written by Dan Forrest, composer; Leslie Leyland Fields, lyrics

Recorded December 19, 2021 at Market Square Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg, PA

Performed by Susquehanna Chorale

Gayle Krull: Soloist

Alison Koch: Cello


31. Old Year’s Day by Dovetail

Written by John Kelly

Recorded at Green House Studio (Dave Kelly, Recording Engineer)

John Kelly: Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Vocals

Joreen Kelly: Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Edward McGovern: Backing Vocals

Grace McGovern: Backing Vocals

Dave Kelly: Recording Engineer


32. New Year’s Day by The Frost Duo

Written by LeahBeth Evans and Christian Gratz


33. Bonus Track: O Holy Night By Shea Quinn

Released November 7, 2019 on the original Joy to the Burg album

Written by William Chatterton Dix

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