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The Artwork

NEW! Joy to the Burg Greeting Cards

Greeting card sets curated by Susquehanna Art Museum. The designs available are from each of the following local artists: Carol Scott, Stephen Michael Haas, Ross Tyger, Janice Hagstrom Bailor, Brad Gebhart, Nora Carreras, Andrea Minick Rudolph, and Lori Sweet. You are able to purchase packs of 6 of an individual design or a pack of all 8 designs. Available for purchase online or at select area retailers.


Heading into 2022, our leadership was brainstorming ways to expand the reach and impact of Joy to the Burg. Our 2022 Chair Doug Wilburne met with Alice Anne Schwab, the Executive Director of the Susquehanna Art Museum (SAM), to process his vision to include to find a way to invite visual artists to be part of Joy to the Burg 2022. An idea was born: solicit artwork from local artists for a collection of holiday greeting cards. Alice Anne and SAM came on board as our artwork curation partner, with Alice Anne chairing our Greeting Card Committee. We couldn’t have concocted more perfect partnership. Alice Anne and SAM had the expertise and connections to make this vision a reality, plus Alice Anne is a long-time, passionate advocate for the homelessness. 

Sample Cards:

Greeting Card Sample for Web.jpg
Greeting Card Sample for Web2.jpg
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