The Albums

Joy To The Burg 2020

Harrisburg area artists are back with a dynamic follow-up to the original album. Joy To The Burg features 18 local artists, 11 returning acts and 7 newcomers, all with the goal of supporting our neighbors facing homelessness during this difficult time in our country and community. The cause is more vital than ever as people on the street need our support during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many more are in danger of being on the street. Once again, the artists on Joy To The Burg 2020 display their tremendous talent and range of styles. 

Joy To The Burg 2019

The original album, birthed from the vision of Sheldon Jones and local artists passionate about helping their fellow man. This album brought together 14 local musical acts to help the homeless, and ended up funding the start-up of a new women's winter shelter in Harrisburg. From folk to rock, bluegrass to country, jazz, chorale, traditional, even metal...this album is fun from start to finish, showing off the tremendous talent and range of these artists.